Who are we?


The Madrid Players is an amateur English‑language theatre group based in Madrid, founded more than fifty years ago.

319088_10150281285581687_615061686_8082149_7055273_nThere are nearly 100 members from many different nationalities, mostly from English‑speaking countries, but we also have Spanish members and other English speakers.

Some of our members sing, some dance, some get involved offstage in costumes, scenery, lights, sound, hair, makeup, and most act, but not all!

Besides performing and preparing for shows, we also have other smaller groups to join.DSC01013

We usually have something going on every week, but this may just be rehearsals when there is a busy rehearsal schedule. Go to CLUBHOUSE to see what’s on.


If you are interested in becoming a member of The Madrid Players, please email us at madridplayers@gmail.com and we’ll tell you what’s going on and where.

If you simply want to enjoy English theatre in Madrid go to Coming Up to find out about our next performance.

The membership fee is just 35 euros per year, or 55 euros for family membership. DSC_0295This entitles you to be in shows (if cast!), attend workshops and other activities, and obtain a 50% discount on tickets for most of our shows, as well as receiving all our members’ news and emails.


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