Feedback from The Great American Radio Show, November 2015


“Nice show. Fantástic cast. Great Night! THANK YOU.”

“I had lots of fun at “The Great American Radio Show.” Kudos to all involved!”

“Really enjoyed the show tonight!”

“Wow, amazing! That was the original War of the Worlds script… I loved it!”

“The Mother and Son sketch was so funny! Great sound effects…”

“Madrid Players does it again! another hit!”


Feedback from An Inspector Calls, October 2015


“An Inspector Calls was absolutely brilliant right down to the last detail. The costumes were wonderful.”

“So professional… you should charge more!”

“This is way beyond amateur theatre…”

“What a lovely lovely production…!”

“Another great performance by the Madrid Players!”

“Theater-loving friends: DO NOT MISS “An Inspector Calls”, Madrid Players latest, this weekend. What I saw last night was a visually procative production — think “Downton Abbey” meets Bertolt Brecht! — that puts a fascinating spin on a modern classic, with a solid, solid cast.”

Feedback from Everyman: June 2015

Poster“The best production of its kind that Madrid Players has ever done and a wonderful tribute in their 50th year – powerhouse cast and crew. Bravo!”

“I just wanted to say, after seeing this production of Everyman, that it was the best Madrid Players’ show I can remember – and I’ve been going regularly to their performances for around 25 years now […] this production manages to be faithful to the original text while adding amusing contemporary references […] The show brilliantly bridges the half-millennium gap between this Morality play’s composition and our own times. It’s a triumph and I encourage anyone who can to see it.”

Feedback from A Tribute to Anthony Trollope: April 2015

Trollope“I went to see A Tribute to Anthony Trollope last night and really enjoyed it. I had to run away at the end to get my bus back to Segovia so I couldn’t stay around to congratulate you all. Everything was really well done, from the music, to the lights and the costumes. Thoroughly enjoyable. Good luck with the rest of the shows”

Feedback from Little Red Riding Hood: December 2014

LRRH-Poster October 10th“We finally had the opportunity to view a Madrid Players production. Not only see the final product, but also see the dress rehearsal and other behind the scene preparations. This group is more than a community play made up of volunteer actors. This group can stand up to the most professional actors and set designers, professional makeup artists anywhere. The work that not only the actors put in to memorize words and choreography,but also the amount of time to do makeup for a cast of this number and in such detail is beyond comprehension. The props were designed by a member of the Madrid Players and built by the crew. This is the apex of professionalism. We cannot forget the orchestra section, made up of a few very professional musicians. Six musicians carried the production with superb sound and special effects. Robb Jones with his banjo and singing provided a “Ya Come” feeling that the full audience of 800 plus attendees enjoyed during each of the five showings. In summary: Five stars: * * * * * “

“What a great show tonight!!”

Feedback from Rope: October 2014

ROPEfinal2“You were amazing as usual!”

“Great performance!”

“Congratulations for the wonderful performance you made.  I enjoyed every single minute”




Feedback from Aladdin: December 2013

Aladdin“Wonderful opening night”

“Ole ole! Had a great time, well done every person and monkey”

“I absolutely recommend “Aladdin” from The Madrid Players. Absolutely amazing!!”

“I was there yesterday and it was a fantastic experience. Really good show”

“Wonderful show. It left my grandchildren SPELLBOUND”.

“Once more I´m delighted with your Xmas Pantomime. I wouldn´t miss it for all the tea in China!!! You never disappoint. Today I´ve been with five kids and they were concentrated on the play. Just lovely as always. Thank you”.

“I just laughed my way through the Madrid Players panto “Aladdin”, and I know I’ll be in a good mood for the rest of the day! Fantastic job, you all!!!”

“I had a great time on Friday when I saw it! It’s been about 20 yrs. since I last went!”…”Amazing show yesterday Madrid Players! The energy was just brilliant!”

“Loved the show guys! So great to see you all! Many Congratulations! Now properly in the Christmas mood!”…”Thank you cast and crew for a WONDERFUL panto experience!!!”

“la superpantomime de los geniales Madrid Players!!!!”…”Congratulations, MP. It’s been an escàndalo!”

“I was there on Friday, and since then I’m singing the song “Always look on the bright side of life”. Congratulations”.

“Thank you Madrid Players, we really enjoyed the Saturday 4pm show”…”Cuidan hasta los más mínimos detalles, le echan ganas y ponen el alma en lo que hacen. Este año hemos ido con 5 crios y a todos les ha encantado. En ningún momento han querido levantarse a pesar de las dos horas de duración”.

“We went with 5 children aged between 3 and 6 and they all absolutely loved it!”…”An escándalo on stage! Congratulations to all of you who do do your best to make it possible year after year!”

Feedback from The Constant Quene: October 2013

Flyer-poster-COLOR-WEB“Great show! Loved it! You MUST come and see…!”

“I loved it. You were historically correct and what’s more Kate rocks. Thank you Madrid Players for a great night out”

“Muy bien. La obra te envuelve integrando al público con cada escena, haciéndoles testigos directos de cada acción, incluso increpé a un obispo”

“Congratulations, Players, on a magnificent show”…”The Constant Queen!  What an ASTOUNDING job, guys!!  Amazing!!!!”

“MAGNIFICENT show and talented Madrigal Choir!”

“You can’t do something like this without passion… and love”….”Congratulations on such a huge success!”

“It will leave an indelible memory”…”My congratulations to cast & crew – it was a great show in a spectacular setting!”

Feedback from Steel Magnolias: May 2013

magnolias1“Great show! Very funny and moving!!”

“Fantastic Steel Magnolias!!”

“My friends and I enjoyed it so much. We all agreed that it had a good set, great costumes, but above all the actresses’ performance, very professional. Thank you for a wonderful night!”

“La obra me encantó.  Lo hicisteis todas muy bien, todas. Lo hicisteis de muerte, nos metisteis a todos en el bolsillo y nos llevasteis de la risa a la lágrima. Sólo puedo decir, enhorabuena”

“I went to see Steel Magnolias yesterday and I enjoyed it tremendously and so did my sister. It had all the ingredients that I consider make the perfect performance because it made me laugh but also nearly had me in tears. Your performances never disappoint me, on the contrary you are all extremely professional”

“Last night I went to see the show. It’s a hit.  Well performed, incredible control of southern accent, great lines delivered with a punch, and super direction, these ladies were magnificent.  I highly recommend that you go.   BRAVI!!!”

“Went to see The Madrid Players in Steel Magnolias. Great show! I highly recommend it! Those women did a fantastic, fantastic job!”

“Congrats to all on a really wonderful show – I haven’t had such an enjoyable evening at the theatre in a long time. Everyone worked very, very hard, and it really paid off!”

Feedback from For Love Nor Money, March 2013

For Love Nor Money

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, brilliant performance. Lively, enthusiastic and stunning. Keep up. Great show The Madrid Players! It was great see you all! Break more legs tonight!!

“Amazing performance! We did enjoy a lot! Congratulations to The Madrid Players once more!!”

“Can I take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed Friday evening’s entertainment in the Centro Gallego ? Spectacular performance last night by The Madrid Players . Very funny, colourful and thoughtful. Muy Muy bien. Thanks everybody, we enjoyed the show and as an added bonus, learnt some Latin!”

 Feedback from The Parting Glass: February 2013

PartingGlass posterMP

“Wow. And I mean, WOW. Brilliant text – funny (downright hysterical at some points), poignant, bittersweet, deep, REAL. Very, very well done, cast and director of The Parting Glass”




Feedback from A Christmas Carol: December 2012

A Christmas Carol Poster

“Just arrived from the Pantomine, brilliant as always, keep up!!!! See you next year again. Love!”

“Como siempre geniales…..well done guys, congrats!!!! see you next year”

“Viendo la pantomima navideña de los Madrid Players. Este año es Dickensiana: “A Christmas Carol”. ¡Estupendos, como siempre!”

“Absolutely brilliant! my family and I had a wonderful time yesterday! what a great start to Christmas! Thankyou for a such a brilliant evening”

“Cuánto disfrutamos mis hijos y yo de la Panto este año… muy buena. Felicidades”

“Congrats to everyone involved with this year’s panto — but especially to the production crew, which came up with the splendid makeup, hair and costumes. Best Dame outfits EVER!”

“Loved the show!!! Well done to you all. Very professional, funny and entertaining!! When’s the next one?!”

“Cuando estudiaba Bachillerato mi profesora de Inglés nos llevaba a ver vuestra obra de Navidad. Pasó esa época y os perdí la pista… hace 4 ó 5 años os encontré de nuevo por casualidad, y desde entonces ni mi marido ni yo nos hemos perdido una función. ¡¡ Gracias por volverme a hacer disfrutar lo mismo que cuando tenía 15 años !! Sois geniales ;-))”

“Every September I already look forward to the next Pantomime. And I can never tell which one was my favourite. This year I finally became part of it and helped backstage. It’s been a wonderful experience. I still have a smile on my face. The Madrid Players’ Pantomimes rock!!!”

“I’m writing to congratulate you all on this year’s Christmas panto, which  my students and I enjoyed hugely! Please pass our congratulations on to the whole company, for they all did really well!!!! We are all looking forward to future plays!”

Feedback from All Too Human: November 2012

Microsoft Word - ATH Poster US Letter v2.doc“Superb show  It was an excellent play and well translated in English.  I was completely absorbed in it. Would like to see it again. It was a play to remember.  The translation was done superbly and the whole play was entertaining. Thanks for this wonderful event.  I enjoyed a lot, one of the bests for me. Congratulations to all the actors!! Nos lo pasamos genial, nos encantó. Sois unos actores fantásticos, me quede impresionada.   Me gustó mucho la obra y os felicito por la traducción. Dan ganas de volver  a leer a Nietzsche. The translation flowed very well, the performers all did a great job”