A Streetcar Named Desire is a timeless classic, a challenging play that, like all of Tennessee Williams’ work, brings to life all the deepest feelings and motivations involved in being human in a difficult—and sometimes extremely dark—world. Because of the innate humanity of his work, Williams brings us stories that are so easily relatable, that move us and make us reconsider our preconceptions, face our fears and expose our deepest secrets.

Through the vulnerable eyes of the delicate and extremely fragile Blanche Dubois, who visits her baby sister Stella in the French Quarter of 1940’s New Orleans, we are led through the series of events that take place between the two sisters, Stella’s husband (the feral Stanley, the epitome of vital force), Mitch (Stanley’s friend, who quickly becomes Blanche’s new love interest) and the colourful, lively and powerfully evocative inhabitants of the French Quarter. This play speaks of pain and yearning and loneliness and death, of all the things that challenge us daily and the mechanisms that we use to avoid thinking about them or feeling them too deeply. It speaks of desire in all its forms and a part of all of the characters, feelings and symbols that we see on that stage are inside each and every one of us. Because of this, the play is universal and speaks to people from all walks of life. We hope that you will enjoy this amazing production, where you will be able to see and share the result of hours and hours of work and passion shining through on stage.

(Not recommended for children under 12 as the subject matter deals with themes of sex and violence).


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